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We learned a LOT in grad school about how to transform lives....

But we didn't learn a single thing about how to get clients or run a business.

That's where The SEO Roadmap
comes in.

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Does this sound like you?


You opened your practice bright-eyed and bushy-tailed thinking that as long as you did great work you'd have a steady stream of clients coming in the door.

You took a few colleagues to coffee to pick their brains about how they built their practices only find out that
most of them take insurance or offer a sliding scale.

You've been trying the "throw spaghetti at the wall" method of marketing and so far the clients aren't lining up and you have no idea what's worth spending your time on.

You're looking at therapists on Instagram and TikTok who seem super successful but
you're not so keen on dancing for your dinner or posting daily to build an audience.

How do I know what you're going through?

I've been there, done that.

And got the t-shirt. The tipping point happened for me when I paid close attention to where the majority of my referrals were coming from -- my website! I decided that the spaghetti method had to go. 

So I went to town on my website...

And I took a crack at SEO.

I buried myself in everything I could find on websites from design, to web copy, to blogging to yes, SEO. You name it. If there was a webinar, I was there taking notes. And I started to realize that SEO wasn't that complicated after all.

And then something crazy happened.

My ideal clients were finding me!

The phone consultation requests started rolling in regularly. I was finally seeing my ideal clients and making about $10k in client revenue per month. And at one point I even had a waiting list of 9 potential clients while I was traveling Europe!

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Imagine yourself with the dream practice you've invested in building...


You have the schedule and flexibility you crave in your practice.

You're only
seeing your ideal clients.

When a client terminates, you're able to be fully proud of them, because you know you have a new client next week.

And at the end of the day you
have the time and energy to hang out with your family.

I can show you the path forward with...

A 6-module coaching program that will teach you how to get your private therapy practice ranked higher in Google search so that your ideal clients can find you.

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Here's the breakdown:


Module 1 - Understand how Google works.
This is the foundation for your SEO strategy.

Module 2 - Learn the secret sauce of keyword research and placement. May sound nerdy but this stuff is magical!

Module 3 - Optimize the front and backend of your website. I'll teach you the secrets for how to speak to Google bots.


Module 4 - Take advantage of the most underutilized, easiest and free SEO resource - Google Business Profile.

Module 5 - Earn quality and relevant backlinks. Yes, get sites like Cosmo, HuffPost and InStyle linking to you! 

Module 6 - Learn how to blog like a boss, so that it's not just your mom reading your blog posts.

Love for The SEO Roadmap for Therapists

...for implementation delivered in a really accessible, engaging program! I learned SO. MUCH. MORE. than just You-tubing my way through the internet ever provided. I finally have a realistic plan and strategy for tackling SEO and building organic client attraction. I highly recommend this course if you're looking to level up your SEO game!

Natalie's course is chock-full of helpful tips and a clear plan...

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I have just completed Natalie's SEO Roadmap for Therapists and can say wholeheartedly that Natalie is a masterful guide through this oftentimes complex terrain. I am low on the tech-savvy scale, but Natalie broke things down so succinctly and with so much common sense that I now feel confident I can easily add SEO value to my web-presence.

A masterful guide through this oftentimes complex terrain...

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...and if I could give her more stars, I would. Natalie has a supportive tone, teaches the details of how to use SEO tools, and is very informative about how to improve your rankings and credibility online as a therapist. I appreciate her knowledge and positive attitude. I would gladly recommend her as an SEO coach and recommend her as a wholistic therapist.

Natalie has earned her 5 stars for her SEO course for therapists...

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From the beginner to the experienced, anyone would benefit from receiving Natalie's SEO training. Natalie is well prepared and experienced in SEO and her program shows it. She covers everything from the big picture, to little details and strategy. I would highly recommend her training to anyone looking to be found on Google.

Natalie is well prepared and experienced in SEO...

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Different learning options for different learners

Take the e-Course on your own timeline

What's included:

  • Six 90-minute video recordings

  • Homework assignments

  • Lifetime access to the recordings

  • Email support for a 6-week period

  • 1:1 60-minute coaching call with me

The investment:


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Take the course in a supportive group environment

What's included:

  • Six 90-minute online group meetings

  • Homework assignments

  • Lifetime access to the recordings

  • Email support for the 6-week period

  • Opportunity for live website audit

The investment:


Registration is closed

Join the waitlist for the next live series!


First name


Last name


Let me know when you'd ideally get started and what days and times you're available (Pacific time.)

Thanks for submitting!

Just like we ask our clients to invest in themselves...

It's time for you to invest.

In creating the practice and the life that you've envisioned for yourself. As therapists, it's so easy for us to cheerlead everyone else on. To fist pump and say "You've got this! Take the leap!" But it's harder to take our own advice.

This is about making a decision.

What kind of life do you want?

Do you want to burn out seeing 30 clients a week? Do you want to spend weekends calling insurance companies to get reimbursed? Or do you want to work with your ideal clients on your schedule knowing you'll always get paid for your work?

This program can help you get where you want to go.

I'll provide the parachute, just jump!

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