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Thank you so much for your interest in my practice! I can't wait to get to know you and help you make your dreams a reality.

Here's how we can connect:

Fill out the 3-minute questionnaire below

Once you hit "submit" you'll be immediately prompted to schedule your free 15-minute phone consultation

On our call, you'll get all your questions answered and you'll get a sense if it's a good fit to move forward

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Prospective client questionnaire


First name


Last name


Who are you seeking individual therapy for? If for a loved one, read below.

I am only accepting individual 1:1 therapy clients. For couple’s counseling or family therapy, please see resources list.


If you're reaching out for a loved one, please provide your contact information (not theirs), then answer the rest of the questions from their perspective to the best of your ability and schedule the phone consultation for yourself. At that time, if I believe I can help them, then we can talk about scheduling a second consultation with the loved one you're reaching out for.

Are you (or the loved one you're reaching out for) 18 or older? If no, read below.

I am only accepting adults (18 and older) as new clients. For child, adolescent and family therapy, please see resources list.

What are your preferred pronouns? (optional)

This is a trans and non-binary allied practice. If forms are triggering, you can submit your phone consultation request manually through the contact menu below.

How did you find out about my practice?

Will you be living in California during your time in therapy? If no, read below.

As I am only licensed to practice in the state of California, I cannot take you on as a new client if you will be living out of the state for the duration of therapy. Even if you have a California home as your official address but will be living in another state (at school, with family, for work, etc.) while receiving therapy, I still cannot take you on. For therapy outside CA, please see resources list.

Do you prefer virtual, in-person in Pasadena or a blend of both?

In-person sessions are currently limited to Thursdays and Friday afternoons. Pre-screening required to ensure adherence to Covid safety requirements.

How frequently were you hoping to have sessions?

Weekly sessions are highly encouraged for the first 6-8 weeks of therapy. After that, we can have a conversation about progress towards your goals and potential for reducing frequency to every-other-week. If you are only able to do every-other-week to start, we can discuss further in the call if you're a good candidate for that frequency of meetings.

Keep in mind that I do not take insurance. The fees for sessions are as follows:

$275 per 50 minutes

Although I accept private pay only, many PPO insurance companies will reimburse for some of the cost of therapy delivered by an out-of-network provider. I can make what's called a "superbill" available for you to submit to your insurance company, upon request. If your insurance company asks you which CPT codes will be used, you can tell them 90791 for the first session, 90834 for 50-minute sessions and 90837 for 70-minute sessions. If you need my NPI or EIN number, I can provide that to you once we decide to move forward with scheduling your first session. You can use a service like Reimbursify to make your claim filing easier.

I also accept HSA/FSA funds, which are pre-tax dollars used to pay for approved health expenses.

Are these fees within your budget for the out-of-pocket cost of psychotherapy?

If these fees are outside of what is affordable to you, please see resources list.

What is currently bringing you into therapy?

There are certain presenting concerns that I do not treat in my practice, such as psychotic disorders. eating disorders, substance abuse, OCD and suicidality. See resources list.

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, do not schedule a phone consultation with me. See resources list to get immediate help.

  • Are you currently accepting new clients?
    Yes! I am currently accepting new clients. I have in-person availabilities in Pasadena on Thursdays and Friday afternoons (pre-screening required for Covid safety) and virtual appointments on Thursdays, Fridays and every-other-Monday. Fill out the questionnaire above and schedule your free 15-minute phone consultation to get started.
  • Do you take insurance? What is the per-session rate?
    I choose not to take insurance in my practice to ensure that every decision made about psychotherapy treatment (such as length of treatment, frequency and duration of sessions, therapy modalities, etc.) is between my clients and myself, not a third-party payer. The only way to ensure the highest quality of care and best possible outcomes is to take insurance out of the equation. If you have a PPO insurance plan, I'm happy to provide you with a monthly superbill, if applicable. I also accept HSA and FSA plans to cover the cost of therapy. The rate is $275 per 50-minute therapy session. Longer sessions are pro-rated at the usual rate.
  • Do you work with couples, children, teens and families?
    Nope, I do not. As much as I love the whole fam, I have found that working with individual adults is my true calling. Please see my referrals list for amazing therapists with these other specialties.
  • Do you offer in-person therapy? Virtual therapy?
    Yes and yes! I have in-person availabilities in Pasadena on Thursdays all day and Friday afternoons (pre-screening required for Covid safety) and virtual appointments on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Virtual appointments are only open to clients who will be residing in California for the duration of their therapy. Learn more about in-person therapy in Pasadena. Learn more about online therapy in California.
  • What do all of those letters mean after a therapist's name?
    A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who prescribes psychiatric medication A psychologist is a doctorate level clinician who can provide psychological testing and talk therapy A counselor is a general term for licensed clinicians (such as Licensed Mental Health Counselor or Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor) as well as people who provide other types of counsel (such as a spiritual counselor) A clinical social worker is a clinician who also has an educational background in social justice A therapist is a general term that could describe a number of different types of healing professionals (such as a physical therapist or massage therapist) A psychotherapist is someone who practices talk therapy and often carries the designation of Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and helps people with issues in their life related to mental health and difficulties in relationships A life coach can support people in a number of areas of life but isn't licensed by a state board Phew! I am a psychotherapist with an LMFT license.
  • How long is a therapy session? How often do I need to go?
    Therapy sessions are generally 50 minutes in length. From time-to-time I will recommend longer sessions (70 or 90 minutes) for trauma-focused work or other reasons. We can discuss this further in our phone consultation. Weekly sessions are highly encouraged for the first 6-8 weeks of therapy. If you are only able to commit to every-other week to start, we can discuss further in the call if you're a good candidate for that frequency of meetings. I cannot provide therapy for a frequency less than every-other-week.
  • How long does therapy take to work?
    This is completely dependent on the client's severity of presenting symptoms, goals, strengths, readiness to engage in the process and willingness to make behavioral changes outside the therapy room. Shorter-term therapy that is more focused on resolving a particular stressor or life phase typically ranges from about 12-18 sessions, whereas longer-term therapy that is focused more on developing insight and creating lasting transformational change on a deeper level can last 1-2 years or longer.
  • What can I expect in a first therapy session?
    If you have any questions about confidentiality, we will clear those up before getting started to make sure you feel comfortable sharing. We will get very clear on your goals for therapy. This ensures that your therapy is 100% focused on your unique needs and objectives. I will do everything I can to help you feel safe, heard and supported to build your trust in me. You'll share about what's bothering you and I'll ask clarifying questions so that I understand your history, strengths and areas of opportunity. We'll get to work helping you meet your goals! This is completely tailored to you, so it could include increasing awareness, practicing relaxation techniques, reframing thoughts, improving self-compassion or any number of other tools in my toolbox. Lastly, we'll set an intention together for what you'd like to take from our session and put into practice until our next meeting.
  • Is everything I say in therapy 100% confidential?
    Almost! There are rare instances in which I may need to break confidentiality such as if you are a serious danger to yourself or someone else, if you report suspected abuse or neglect of children, elders (aged 60+) or vulnerable adults or in certain legal situations. Here is a full list of situations in which I would need to break confidentiality in therapy.
  • Is virtual therapy as effective is in-person therapy?
    Yes! Research has consistently shown that online therapy is just as effective for individuals as face-to-face therapy. There are also added benefits such as scheduling convenience, not having to pay for parking and gas, reduced time in traffic and not having to worry about childcare. You can have your therapy session in any location that is both safe and private.

Frequently asked questions

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Basic contact form


First name


Last name


Let me know how you'd like to collaborate and what your questions are!

Thanks for submitting!



I know that starting therapy can be an intimidating process.

Yes, therapy is a big commitment of time, energy and money. There's no reason to sugar-coat it. But here's what I think...

Betting on yourself, your happiness and your success is the safest bet.

Why? Because you're the one in the driver's seat. You're the one in control of how much you put into and get out of therapy.

In order to make changes we need to take risks.

What would you do if your happiness and success were inevitable? Would you make decisions based on fear of it not working out? Or faith in the process?

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Having doubts?

You might be getting that sensation in the pit of your stomach. That "oh crap, this is really happening" feeling where you're equal parts excited and scared. Take a moment and pull in a few deeper breaths. You've got this.

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