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This 3 Pack of 1-Hour Therapist Coaching Sessions is perfect for the therapist who wants to jump start their practice marketing plan.


In three 1-hour sessions, we can either:


Do a deep-dive into planning, executing and fine-tuning one issue (such as getting your website up and running or understanding a complete SEO strategy.)




Split the time up to address 2-5 issues in your private practice marketing plan (such as nailing down your niche, sprucing up an existing website, understanding the basics of SEO or developing a networking strategy.)


The sessions are 100% tailored to your unique needs and preferences.



3 Pack of 1-Hour Therapist Coaching Sessions

    • Three 1-hour video-based coaching sessions
    • Email follow-up if you have additional questions
    • Three reviews (of your website, a blog post, social media pages, etc.)
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