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Low-Fee Referrals

If the practice fees are outside your budget, you can consider a therapist who is in your insurance network, a therapy resource that provides a lower fee or a non-profit that covers the cost of therapy entirely. I recommend that you either:

1) filter results on based on your insurance carrier

2) consider a lower-fee counseling resource such as Rose City Center (in Pasadena,) The Place Within (in Monrovia) or

3) consider a non-profit resource such as Rise Above the Disorder ( that will cover the total cost of therapy.

Couples Counseling Referrals

Chris Tickner, PhD, LMFT


Patricia Lamas, LCSW


Sheila Sayani, LMFT:

Child, Adolescent & Family Counseling Referrals

The Center for Connection

Anchor Child and Family Counseling

Anchor Psychotherapy

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